ZCS Multi_Server Installation Guide, Open Source 4.5
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Table of Contents

For More Information
Support and Contact Information
Preparing Your Server Environment
System Requirements
Modifying Operating System Configurations
Installation Modifications for Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Installation Modifications for Fedora
Installation Modification for Mac Servers
DNS Configuration Requirement
Planning for the Installation
Configuration Examples
Downloading the Zimbra Software
Menu-Driven Configuration
Configuring IMAP and POP Proxy Server
Configuring for Virtual Hosting
Load Balancing on ZCS
Multiple-Server Installation
Starting the Installation Process
Starting the Installation Process on the Mac Server
Installing Zimbra LDAP Master Server
Installing Zimbra Mailbox Server
Installing Zimbra MTA on a Server
Installing the Zimbra-SNMP package
Final Set-Up
Verifying Server Configuration
Logging on to the Administration Console
Post Installation Tasks
Uninstalling Zimbra Collaboration Suite
LDAP Replication Installation
Installing Zimbra Master LDAP Server
Installing a Replica LDAP Server
Setting Up Zimbra LDAP Servers for Replication
Configuring Zimbra Servers to use LDAP Replica
System Requirements for Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.5

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ZCS Multi_Server Installation Guide, Open Source 4.5
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