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Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook User Guide
Legal Notices
Supported Versions of Microsoft Operating System
Supported Versions of Microsoft Outlook
Installing and Configuring ZCO
Preparing to Install ZCO
Installing ZCO
Creating a ZCO Profile
Creating Additional ZCO Profiles
Advanced Profile Settings
Configuring Your ZCO Profile
Upgrading ZCO
Uninstalling ZCO
Synchronizing with the Zimbra Server
What Information is Synchronized?
After Your Initial Synchronization
Synchronizing Your Account
Resyncing GAL for Contact Group Support
Advanced ZCO Features
Managing Mail Profiles
Compacting Your ZDB
Outlook Notes
Add a Persona
Select a Default Persona
Sync Personas
Delete a Persona
Using Zimbra Tags and Outlook Categories
Rules: Using Filters to Manage Email Messages
Create a New Email Rule
Edit an Email Rule
Delete an Email Rule
Sharing Folders
Create Internal, External, and Public Shares
Assign Roles and Access Privileges
Share Multiple Folders Using Parent Permissions
Share a Folder with Another Zimbra User
Share a Folder with an External User
Create a Public Share
Change or Revoke Shared Access
Accept or Decline a Share
Open a Shared Folder
Share Status
Allowing Others to Send Emails on Your Behalf
Forwarding Invitations
Creating an Out-of-Office Email Message
Viewing Mail Storage Quota
Regain Storage Space
Working Offline
Showing Zimbra Progress
Synchronizing the Global Address List
Error Reports
Support Features
Check for Updates
About Zimbra