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Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook Administrator Guide
Legal Notices
About ZCO
Use ZCO with the Correct Version of Zimbra Collaboration
Supported Versions of Microsoft Operating System
Supported Versions of Microsoft Outlook
ZCO Files
Obtaining the ZCO Files
Running Customization and Branding Scripts
Preconfiguring and Customizing the Installer
Overview of the Customization Process
Adding ZCO Server Credentials
Additional Customization of ZCO
Set the Password Rule
Modify the GAL Sync Mode
Location of Local Failure Messages
Setting Up the Single Sign-On Option (SSO)
Disabling the Auto-Upgrade Feature
Hiding Email Aliases in the GAL
Setting the ZCO Display Language
Rebranding ZCO
Installing ZCO
Installation Prerequisites
Using Secure Connection (SSL)
Installing ZCO on Individual Computers
Synchronizing ZCO with Outlook
Synchronization Frequency
Resyncing the GAL for Contact Group Support
Zimbra Features in Outlook
Personal Email Certificates (S/MIME)
Advanced Settings
Zimbra Feature Differences for Outlook Users
Free/Busy Lookup in ZCO
Outlook AutoArchive Disabled for Zimbra Profiles and Folders
Forwarding Invitations
Troubleshooting ZCO
Troubleshooting Overview
Received a Local/Server Failure Notice
Reviewing Sync Issues folders
Enabling Logging
When Outlook Crashes
When Outlook Hangs
My Zimbra Calendar will not Sync
Unable to Access a Shared Item
The .zdb File is Corrupt
Conflict with Antivirus Software or other Outlook Add-ins
Repairing ZCO
Removing ZCO
Resolving Mailbox Sync Problems
Resyncing GAL for Contact Group Support
Zimbra Support Toolbar and Zimbra Ribbon
View MAPI Properties
Open Original Source
View IDs of Zimbra Activities
Set Sync Token
Zimbra Support and Additional Resources
Additional Resources
Contact Zimbra Support