ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
Network Edition

Backup and Restore > Backing Up the Mailbox Server

Backing Up the Mailbox Server
ZCS includes a configurable backup manager that resides on every ZCS server and performs both backup and restore functions. You do not have to stop the ZCS server in order to run the backup process. The backup manager can be used to restore a single user, rather than having to restore the entire system in the event that one user’s mailbox becomes corrupted. Full and incremental backups are saved in in opt/zimbra/backup.
Redo Log
Each Zimbra mailbox server generates redo logs that contain current and archived transactions processed by the message store server since the last incremental backup.
When the server is restored, after the backed up files are fully restored, any redo logs in the archive and the current redo log in use are replayed to bring the system to the point before the failure.
When the current redo log file size reaches 100MB, the current redo log rolls over to an archive directory. At that point, the server starts a new redo log. All uncommitted transactions from the previous redo log are preserved. In the case of a crash, when the server restarts, the current redo logs are read to re-apply any uncommitted transactions.
When an incremental backup is run, the redo logs are moved from the archive to the backup directory.
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