ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
Network Edition

Using the Administration Console > Zimbra Search

Zimbra Search
You can use the search field on the administration console header to search for items by accounts, distribution lists, aliases, domains, or class of service or you can search through all object types.
If you do not know the complete name, you can enter a partial name. Partial names can result in a list that has the partial name string anywhere in the information. You can also use the Zimbra mailbox ID number to search for an account. To return a search from a mailbox ID, the complete ID string must be entered in the search.
In the search options section of the Search>Navigation pane you can create a more specific search The following search options open as individual search panes to let you select the criteria for the search.
You can also use the unified search from the Help link drop-down to find answers to common questions. When you use this search, the Zimbra wiki, forums and documents are searched. The results are displayed in a new window with links to the information.
Saved Searches section by default includes predefined common search queries. You can also create and save your own queries. After you enter the query syntax, click Save Search and give the search a name. The search is added to the Saved Searches section.
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