ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
Network Edition

Zimbra Mail Transfer Agent > Zimbra MTA Deployment

Zimbra MTA Deployment
ZCS includes a precompiled version of Postfix to route and relay mail and manage attachments. Postfix receives inbound messages via SMTP, performs anti-virus and anti-spam filtering and hands off the mail messages to the ZCS server via LMTP.
Postfix also plays a role in transferring outbound messages. Messages composed from the Zimbra Web Client are sent by the Zimbra server through Postfix, including messages sent to other users on the same server.
Postfix in a Zimbra Environment
*The Edge MTA can be any edge security solution for mail. You might already deploy such solutions for functions such as filtering. Some filtering might be duplicated between an edge MTA and the Zimbra MTA.
Postfix Configuration Files
Zimbra modified the following Postfix files specifically to work with ZCS:
main.cf. Modified to include the LDAP tables. The configuration script in the Zimbra MTA pulls data from the Zimbra LDAP and modifies the Postfix configuration files.
master.cf. Modified to use Amavisd-New.
Important: Do not modify the Postfix configuration files! Changes you make will be overwritten.
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