ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
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Setting Account Quota
An account quota is the storage limit allowed for an account. Email messages, address books, calendars, tasks, and Briefcase files contribute to the quota. Account quotas can be set by COS or for individual accounts from the administration console.
If you set the quota to 0, accounts do not have a quota.
You can set how message delivery is handled when a Zimbra user’s mailbox exceeds the set quota. The default behavior is for the MTA to temporarily send the message to the deferred queue. When the mailbox has space, the message is delivered. You can change this behavior to either have messages bounce back to the sender instead of being sent to the deferred queue first or you can configure to send the message to the mailbox even if the quota has been exceeded
zmprov mcf zimbraLmtpPermanentFailureWhenOverQuota TRUE
zmlocalconfig -e zimbraMailAllowReceiveButNotSendWhenOverQuota=TRUE
When this attribute is set to TRUE, a mailbox that exceeds its quota is still allowed to receive new mail and calendar invites. This quote bypass is only implemented for messages. All other mail items are still affected by the quota
View Account Quotas
To view account quotas for all accounts on a domain in the administration console, go to the Configure>Domains, domain, Mailbox Quota page.
Notify Users When Maximum Quota is Near
Users can be notified that their mailboxes are nearing their quota. The quota percentage can be set and the warning message text can be modified in the Advanced page settings for COS and Accounts.
When this threshold is reached, a quota warning message is sent to the user.
Set Quotas in Domains
You can set a maximum mailbox quota for a domain. The default for the domain mailbox quota is unlimited. The domain quota is the maximum amount of storage that can be used by all mailboxes within the domain.
You can set an aggregate quota as well. The sum of the quotas for all accounts in the domain can exceed the size of the aggregate.
An aggregate quota policy for how to handle messages that are sent or received once the aggregate quota has been reached can be set up. The policy options include:
Notifications can be automatically sent when the quota is within a configured percentage of the aggregate quota. A cron tab job runs daily to check the aggregate quota percentage and if the percentage has been reached, the quota warning email is sent.
To configure domain quotas, go to the administration console’s Configure>Domains, domain Advanced page.
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