ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
Network Edition

Delegated Administration > Predefined Delegated Administrator Role

Predefined Delegated Administrator Role
The following preconfigured administrator groups are created automatically. You can assign administrator accounts to these groups.
Domain Administration Group
The zimbradomainadmins delegated admin group grants all the rights necessary to support ZCS domain administration for accounts, aliases, distribution lists and resources.
Administrators who are part of the zimbradomainadmins group can create and manage accounts including setting the account quota, aliases, distribution lists, and resources accounts in their domain.
When domain administrators log onto the administration console, only the functions they are authorized to manage are displayed on the console’s Navigation pane.
Create Link from Zimbra Web Client Account to Admin Console
For domain administrators, all tasks are performed from the administration console. To facilitate easy log in, when a delegated administrator account is created, their ZWC account can have a link to the administration console.
The link is created from the zmprov CLI
Distribution List Administration Group
The zimbradladmin delegated admin group grants all the rights necessary to log on to the administration console and manage distribution lists.
Administrators who are part of this group can
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