ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
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Managing Zimlets from the Command Line Interface
Deploying Zimlets
When a Zimlet is deployed, it is available immediately to everyone in the default COS. If a Zimlet is not deployed to another COS directly, the COS displays the Zimlets but they are not enabled.
Deploy a Zimlet using the CLI, including modifying the COS before deploying.
Select a Zimlet and copy the Zimlet zip file to /tmp folder on your Zimbra server.
su - zimbra
zmzimletctl deploy /tmp/<zimlet>.zip
Add Proxy Allowed Domains to a Zimlet
When deploying a Zimlet, the COS attributes, zimbraProxyAllowedDomains, must be set for the domain address that the Zimlet might call to get information.
1. To set this attribute, type:
zmprov mc <COSname> +zimbraProxyAllowedDomains <*.domain.com>
The * must be added before the domain.com.
This must be applied to all COSs that have your Zimlet enabled.
Deploying a Zimlet and Granting Access to a COS
To deploy a Zimlet to one or more COSs other than the default:
su – zimbra
Run zmzimletctl deploy <path-to-zimlet.zip>. For example:
zmzimletctl deploy /tmp/<zimlet>.zip
This installs the Zimlet just to the default COS.
zmzimletctl acl <zimletname> <cosname1> grant
This will grant permission to cosname1. You can also grant access to more than one COS on the same command line. Enter as:
zmzimletctl acl <zimletname> <cosname1> grant <cosname2> grant
zmprov mc <COSname1> +zimbraProxyAllowedDomains <*. domain.com>
zmprov mc <COSname2> +zimbraProxyAllowedDomains <*. domain.com>
Viewing Zimlet List
At the CLI comment prompt, enter
zmzimletctl listZimlets all
This displays Zimlets installed on the server, installed in LDAP and available by COS,
Changing Zimlet Configurations
Some Zimlets may require additional configuration after they are deployed.
The Zimlet configuration template allows you to make changes on the configuration template and then install the new configuration file on the Zimbra server.
See the Zimlet Development section on the Zimbra Wiki at http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Main_Page, including the Zimlet Developers Guide at http://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/ZCS_6.0:Zimlet_Developers_Guide:Introduction for details about developing and deploying Zimlets.
To change a Zimlet configuration:
zmzimletctl getConfigTemplate <zimlet.zip>
zmzimletctl configure config_template.xml
Upgrading a Zimlet
Upgrading a customized Zimlet is performed by using the same steps as deploying a new Zimlet.
Copy the Zimlet zip file to the /opt/zimbra/zimlets-extra directory, replacing the older version.
zmzimletctl deploy <zimlet.zip file name>
The Zimlet is copied to the /opt/zimbra/zimlets-deployed directory. If your Zimlet included a .jsp file, the .jsp file is coped to the /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimlet/<zimletnamefolder>.
zmprov flushCache zimlet.
You do not enter the Zimlet name.
Zimbra Gallery
You can download and deploy Zimlets from the Zimlet Gallery located on the Zimbra web site. Go to www.zimbra.com/downloads and scroll through the Extensions from the Zimbra Gallery secton or select View More to access the Zimbra Gallery.
Customized Zimlets
To develop your own custom Zimlets, see the Zimlet Developers Guide on the Zimbra Wiki at http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Main_Page.
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