ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
Network Edition

Licensing > License Activation

License Activation
All network edition installations require license activation. New installations have a 10 day grace period from the license issue date before requiring activation. Your license can be activated by selecting Global Settings > License > Activate License.
Upgraded ZCS versions require an immediate activation to maintain network feature functionality.
Automatic License Activation
Licenses are automatically activated if the ZCS server has a connection to the Internet and can communicate with the Zimbra License server. If you are unable to automatically activate your license.
Manual License Activation
For systems that do not have external access to the Zimbra License server, you can use the Zimbra Support Portal to manually activate your license. Go to the Zimbra website at www.zimbra.com and click Support to display the Zimbra Technical Support page. Click Support Portal Login to display the Zimbra Support Portal page. Enter your email and password to log in.
If you have problems accessing the Support Portal, contact Zimbra Sales at sales@zimbra.com or by calling 1-650-427-5701.
When Licenses are not Installed or Activated
If you fail to install or activate your ZCS server license, the following scenarios describe how your ZCS server will be impacted.
License is not installed. If a license is not installed, the ZCS defaults to single user mode where all features limited by license are limited to one user.
License is not valid. If the license could not be validated, the ZCS defaults to single user mode.
License is not activated. A license activation grace period is 10 days. If for some reason the license is never activated, the ZCS defaults to single user mode after 10 days.
License is in future. If the license starting date is still in the future, the ZCS defaults to single user mode.
License is in grace period. If the license ending date has passed and is within the 30 day grace period, all features limited by license are still enabled, but administrators may see license renewal prompts.
License expired. If the license ending date has passed and the 30 day grace period expired, the ZCS server defaults to the feature set of the Open Source Edition.
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