ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
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Installing the Archiving Package
You can install the archiving package on an existing single-server deployment or on a multi-server deployment.
If the mailbox server and the MTA server reside on the same node, you configure and enable archiving as a single process. If your mailbox and MTA servers are on separate nodes, the zimbra-archive package is installed first on at least one mailbox server and then the archiving component is enabled on each MTA in the deployment.
Install Archiving in a Single-Server Environment
The following scenario assumes that the LDAP, MTA, mailstore and archiving servers are on the same node.
Type Yes for zimbra-archiving when presented with the packages to be installed.
The upgrade process begins and the archiving package is installed. At this point, the Discovery feature is installed and can be used.
To enable archiving, switch user to zimbra and enable archiving on the MTA server.
zmprov ms <zmhostname> +zimbraServiceEnabled archiving
zmcontrol restart
Install zimbra-archiving in a Multi-Server Environment
The following upgrade scenario is adding a new server that is dedicated as a archiving server to your ZCS environment.
Before beginning the install process, record the following information. You need this information when you install the archiving server. Run the zmlocalconfig -s command to find the information.
LDAP Admin Password ____________
LDAP Hostname _____________
LDAP Port _____________
Refer to the Multiple-Server Installation chapter in the VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server Multi-Server Installation guide for detailed steps on installing the packages.
Open an SSH connection to the mailbox server that is being configured for archiving. Log on to the server as root and unpack the Zimbra software. Run the ./install.sh command to begin the install process.
Type y and press Enter to install the following packages:
The zimbra-core package is installed by default.
Type y and press Enter to modify the system.
Select the Common Configuration menu and configure the LDAP Hostname, LDAP password, and LDAP port.
Select the zimbra-store menu and configure the Admin password and the License file location.
Complete the installation process following the steps in the Multi-server Installation guide, under Installing Zimbra Mailbox Server.
At this point, the Discovery feature is installed and can be used.
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