ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
Network Edition

Legal Requests for Information > Create Mailbox Snapshots for Legal Discovery

Create Mailbox Snapshots for Legal Discovery
You can create a query for the user’s mailbox using the REST URL format to search for specific types of email messages and attachments and have these messages zipped and saved to your computer. This zip file can be forwarded to a requesting law enforcement agency.
Email message is displayed as an .eml file name after the subject line. The attachments are saved in the format that they were delivered.
Create a Mailbox Snapshot Zip File
You must be logged into the ZCS administration console to create the zip file. You create a query for one account at a time.
For example:
In the above example, the search query is requesting a zip file of all email messages and attachments in the Inbox after June 13, 2008 for an account called user1.
You can use any search operators that are used for searching in ZCS. For example, you can search by folder (in:folder_name), by sender’s name (from:<someone>), and you can use multiple search terms. See the Search Tips wiki page for keyword examples, http://wiki.zimbra.com/.php?title=Search_Tips.
Press Enter or the arrow to create the zip. A Confirm box displays, asking if you want to navigate away from this page.
Click OK.
This zip file is ready to be delivered.
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