ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
Network Edition

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Backup Options
The backup process can be configured to selectively back up content and to backup the MySQL database.
Backup Up content Options
You can configure these backup options so that search indexes, blobs, and HSM blobs are not backed up during a full backup session.
zimbraBackupSkipSearchIndex. Default is FALSE. If set to TRUE, search index is not backed up. The mailbox will have to be reindexed after restoring from a backup without the search index.
zimbraBackupSkipBlobs. The default is FALSE. If this is set to TRUE, blobs are not backed up. This might be useful for getting a quicker backup of just database data when the blobs reside on a fault-tolerant storage. This configuration applies to all blobs, those on the primary volumes as well as secondary (HSM) volumes.
zimbraBackupSkipHsmBlobs. The default is false. If this is set to true, blobs on HSM volumes are no backed up. Set this if zimbraBackupSkipBlobs is false but you want to skip blobs on HSM volumes.
Back Up the MySQL Database
You can configure ZCS backups to run mysqldump to backup your MySQL database during backup sessions. When this is enabled, a mysqldump backup runs with each full, incremental, and auto-grouped backup.
The mysqldump is a backup of your MySQL database at a specific time. Data changes that occur later than the dump file are written to the binary log.To recover to a specific point in time, binary logging must be enabled. See the Zimbra wiki article, MySQL Backup and Restore at http://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/MySQL_Backup_and_Restore.
The MySQL dump files are gzipped and placed in the backup target directory, or to /opt/zimbra/backup, if no directory is specified.
These files can be quite large. Make sure that the free disk space is at least three times greater than the actual mySQL database file for each mySQL database backup file that is saved.
zmlocalconfig edit mysql_backup_retention=<N>.
N is the number of copies of the mySQL database backups that are retained.
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