ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Adding a Mailbox Server to a Single Server Configuration > Configuring the Mailbox Server

Configuring the Mailbox Server
The host name and zmhostname configured on the mailbox server is the same as on the name on the single server.
Make sure you know the LDAP master password as you configure it on the sever that is being added. To find the master LDAP password on the single server node, type
zmlocalconfig -s zimbra_ldap_password
Important: Before you begin make sure you have an up-to-date backup!
Follow steps 1 through 4 in Starting the Installation Process to log on to the server as root and unpack the Zimbra software.
Install zimbra-store, and zimbra-spell (optional) packages. When zimbra-spell is installed, the zimbra-apache package also is installed.
The zimbra-logger package is installed only on one mailbox server. If you are moving all mailboxes to this server from the original single server, install the zimbra logger package.
If SNMP is being used, type Y for the zimbra-SNMP. If SNMP is used, it is installed on every Zimbra server.
Type Y, and press Enter to modify the system. The selected packages are installed on the server.
The Main menu displays the default entries for the Zimbra component you are installing.
Type 1 and press Enter to go to the Common Configuration menu.
The mailbox server hostname is displayed. You must change the LDAP master host name and password to be the values configured on the single-server node.
Type 2, press Enter, and type the LDAP host name.
Type 4, press Enter, and type the LDAP password.
After you set these values, the server immediately contacts the LDAP server. If it cannot contact the server, you cannot proceed.
Type 6 to set the correct time zone, if your time zone is not Pacific Time.
Type r to return to the Main menu.
From the Main menu, type 2 to go to the Store configuration menu.
Type 4 and set the password for the administrator account. This should be the same password as configured on the original single-server node.
Set either or both of these to TRUE if you are going to set up zimbra -proxy.
When the mailbox server is configured, return to the Main menu and type a to apply the configuration changes. Press Enter to save the configuration data.
When Save Configuration data to a file appears, press Enter.
The next request asks where to save the files. To accept the default, press Enter. To save the files to another directory, enter the directory and then press Enter.
When The system will be modified - continue? appears, type y and press Enter.
The server is modified. Installing all the components and configuring the mailbox server can take a few minutes. This includes installing SSL certificates, setting passwords, setting ports, installing skins and zimlets, setting time zone preferences, and starting the servers, among other processes.
When Configuration complete - press return to exit displays, press Enter.
The installation of the mailbox server is complete.
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