ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Appendix A Command-Line Utilities > zmbackup

This tool performs full backups and incremental backups for a designated mail host.
This utility has short option names and full names. The short option is preceded by a single dash, while the full option is preceded by a double dash. For example, -f is the same as --fullBackup.
One of -f, -i, or -del must be specified.
zmbackup {-f | -i | del} {-a <arg>} [options]
<arg> Account email addresses separated by white space or all for all accounts. This option is not specified for auto-grouped backups since the system knows which accounts to backup every night.
<arg> Deletes the backups including and prior to the specified label, date (YYYY/MM/DD[-hh:mm:ss]) or period (nn(d|m|y]).
<arg> Mail server host name. For format, use either the plain host name or the server.domain.com name. The default is the localhost name.
<arg> Specifies the target backup location. The default is <zimbra_home>/backup.
In these examples, the server (-s) is server1.domain.com. The (-t) is not required if the target is the default directory, (zimbra_home/backup).
zmbackup -f -a all -s server1.domain.com
zmbackup -i -a all -s server1.domain.com
Perform full backup of only user1’s mailbox on server1. Note that hostname does not need full domain if account is used.
zmbackup -f -a user1@domain.com -s server1
Perform incremental backup of user1’s mailbox on server1
zmbackup -i -a user1@domain.com -s server1
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