ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Class of Services for Accounts > Selecting Features and Preferences

Selecting Features and Preferences
All the features available for the COS are displayed in the Features page. Select or deselect any features you do not want included in the COS. Changes made at the account level override the rules in the COS assigned to the account.
Define the initial preferences for how messages are saved and viewed in the Preferences page. You can also select a specific locale for the ZWC view. If a locale is not specified, the browser locale is the default.
For a description of the features and preferences, see the Customizing Accounts chapter.
Disable Preferences
Preferences are enabled by default. Users can modify the default preferences that are configured for their account. You can disable preferences and the Preferences page does not display in users’ mailboxes. They cannot change the default configuration for features that are set up for their accounts.
Set Default Time Zone
The default time zone setting displayed in account’s Preferences folder is used to localize the time for received messages and calendar activities in the standard web client. When the standard web client is used, the time zone on the computer is not used to set the time a message is received or for calendar activities. The time zone setting in the Preferences >Calendar Options is used. When using the advanced web client, the time zone setting on the computer is used as the time stamp for received messages and for calendar activities, not the time zone setting on the General Information page.
Because the advanced web client and the standard web client do not use the same time zone source to render messages, you might notice that the same message has a different time when displayed in one or the other client. You can avoid this by having the computer time zone and the web client time zone set to the same time.
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