ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Archiving and Discovery > Manage Archiving From the Administration Console

Manage Archiving From the Administration Console
After Archiving is installed, you can set up archiving and manage it from the administration console.
Enable Archiving
Go to the Global Settings>MTA page and in the Archiving Configuration section, check Enable archiving.
zmcontrol restart
Creating a Dedicated Archive COS
You can configure attributes in the COS to set mailbox features, quotas, and passwords, turn off spam and virus checks, and hide the archive accounts from GAL
Go to Configure>Class of Service and in the gear icon menu select New.
Modify the options on the Advanced page if required.
In the Archiving page, check the Enable archiving box to make this COS an archiving cos.
Click Finish.
Set Up Archive Account Name
You use attributes to create and manage the naming scheme for archive accounts. You can set up these attributes either by COS or by account. For COS, these attributes can be changed from the administration console, COS or individual account’s Archiving page.
Account date template. Sets the date format used in the name template. The default is yyyyMMdd. Adding the date to the account name makes it easier to roll off older data from the system to backups.
Account name template. Sets up how the archive mailbox name is created. The default value is ${USER} ${DATE}@${DOMAIN}.archive. The archive account address would be like this example: user-20070510@example.com.archive. If you change the default value, you must use syntax that creates a valid email address. We recommend that you add .archive to all archive accounts to create archive mailboxes in a non-routable domain to prevent spoofing of the archives.
When the template based on the zimbraArchiveAccountDateTemplate attribute is set up, amavisArchiveQuarantineAccount is updated to the new template name when zmconfigarchive is run.
Administering the archive server
The amavisd-new server process controls account archiving as well as antivirus and antispam processes. The zmarchivectl command can be used to start, stop, restart or obtain the status of the amavisd-new server process that controls account archiving. Caution should be taken when starting or stopping the archiving process as it is a shared server process between archiving, antivirus, and antispam processes. Performing actions on any of them affect any of the other services that may be enabled in your deployment.
If you want to disable archiving and not antivirus, or antispam services, disable the respective service either through the CLI or through the administration console.
Set Up Archiving for a User’s Mailbox
Four attributes are related to the archive feature for accounts. Two that configure a mailbox and two template attributes to construct the archive account names.
To set up archiving for a mailbox two attributes are configured on the primary user’s mailbox. One attributed enables archiving and the second shows where messages are being archived.
Currently archived to — The current archive address. Archiving is to a single account. If this is unset, archiving is not enabled.
Archived accounts — Any previous and current archive addresses that this mailbox was archived to. containing all the accounts that have been archived for the given account.
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