ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

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Backup and Restore Using the Administration Console
Many of the backup and restore procedures can be run directly from the administration console. In the Navigation pane, Monitoring>Backup lists each of the servers.
Configure Backup from the Admin Console
Backups can be configured from the administration console as a global settings configuration and as a server-specific configuration. Server settings override global settings.
In the global settings, you can configure the email addresses to receive notification about the results of the backup. The default is to send the notification to the admin account.
For Auto-grouped, you configure the number of groups to divide the backups into.
The standard backup is the default and is automatically scheduled. You do not need to make any additional changes. But when running the auto-grouped backup you must manually configure the backup schedule. Access the CLI and follow the steps under Schedule Auto-Group Backups to run zmschedulebackup -D to set the default schedule for auto-grouped backups.
Throttling option with auto-grouped backup.
The auto-grouped backup method automatically backs up mailboxes that have never been backed up when the next backup is scheduled. This might not be the best option every time a full backup is required on all mailboxes, such as immediately after massive mailbox migrations or after a major upgrade. Enabling Throttle automatic backups limits the mailbox count in a daily backup to T/N. This breaks the constraint of backing up all mailboxes in N days, but it helps backup to finish during off hours.
When all mailboxes are backed up at least once, disable throttling.
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