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Zimbra Collaboration Appliance Installation Guide
Legal Notices
Intended Audience
More Information
Support and Contact Information
Preparing to Install Zimbra Collaboration Appliance
Zimbra Appliance Configuration Options
Description of Zimbra Components
Downloading Zimbra Appliance Software
Preparing for Deployment
Zimbra Appliance System Requirement
Configure DNS
License Requirement
License Activation
Obtaining a License
Using VAMI to Configure ZCA Servers
Setting Up Zimbra Collaboration Appliance
Download and Install the OVA Package
Adding Storage to the Zimbra Appliance
Configuring Zimbra Appliance Single Server Deployment
Configuring Zimbra Appliance Multiple Server Deployment
Start the Installation Process
Configure LDAP Server
Configure Mailstore Server
Configure MTA Server
Manual Network Configuration of ZCA
Configuring the Zimbra Proxy Server
Getting Started in the Administration Console
Log into the Administration Console
About the Administrator Account
Activate Your License
Provisioning accounts
Classes of Service