ZCS Single Server Installation Guide 8.0
ZCS Single Server Installation Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Performing a ZCS Single Server Installation > Modifying Operating System Configurations

Modifying Operating System Configurations
ZCS runs on one of several operating systems, including Ubuntu® LTS, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux, and SUSE® Linux Enterprise.
Installation modifications for frequently used operating systems are described in individual configuration documents found on the ZCS documentation website, such as Installation Modifications for ZCS with Ubuntu LTS, or Installation Modifications for ZCS with Red Hat. Other operating systems may require similar modifications, and you can use the information contained in these documents as a reference to gauge whether your operating system might need to be modified.
A full default installation of the Linux distribution that you select is required.
For more information, refer to the System Requirements document for information on hardware and software configurations supported by ZCS.
Zimbra recommends that the operating systems you use are updated with the latest patches that have been tested with ZCS. See the latest release notes to see the operating systems patch list that has been tested with ZCS.
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