ZCS Multi-Server Installation Guide 8.0
ZCS Multi-Server Installation Guide 8.0
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Planning for the Installation > Zimbra Mailbox Server Configuration Options

Zimbra Mailbox Server Configuration Options
These options are configured on the Zimbra Mailbox server.
The following table describes the Zimbra Mailbox server menu options.
Zimbra Mailbox Server
Create Admin User - The administrator account is created during installation. This account is the first account provisioned on the Zimbra server and allows you to log on to the administration console.
Admin user to create - The user name assigned to the administrator account. Once the administrator account has been created, it is suggested that you do not rename the account as automatic ZCS notifications might not be received.
Admin Password - You must set the admin account password. The password is case sensitive and must be a minimum of six characters. The administrator name, mail address, and password are required to log in to the administration console.
Anti-virus quarantine user - A virus quarantine account is automatically created during installation. When AmivisD identifies an email message with a virus, the email is automatically sent to this mailbox. The virus quarantine mailbox is configured to delete messages older than 7 days.
Enable automated spam training - By default, the automated spam training filter is enabled and two mail accounts are created.
1 -Spam training user to receive mail notification about mail that was not marked as junk, but should be.
2 -Non-spam (HAM) training user to receive mail notification about mail that was marked as junk, but should not have been.
These addresses are automatically configured to work with the spam training filter. The accounts created have a randomly selected name. To recognize what the account is used for you may want to change this name.
Zimbra Mailbox Server
zimbra-store (continued)
Global Document Account — This account is automatically created when ZCS is installed. The account holds the templates and the default Documents Notebook. The Documents feature is enabled from the COS or in individual accounts.
Web server mode - Can be HTTP, HTTPS, Mixed, Both or Redirect.
Mixed mode uses HTTPS for logging in and HTTP for normal session traffic
Both mode means that an HTTP session stays HTTP, including during the login phase, and an HTTPS session remains HTTPS throughout, including the login phase.
Redirect mode redirects any users connecting via HTTP to a HTTPS connection.
Use spell check server: yes (if installed)
Spell server URL: http://<example.com>:7780/aspell.php
Configure for use with mail proxy. The default is False.
Configure for use with web proxy. The default is False.
If either or both of these are changed to True, the proxy setting on the mailbox store are enabled in preparation for setting up zimbra proxy.
Enable version update checks. ZCS automatically checks to see if a new ZCS update is available. The default is TRUE.
Enable version update notifications. This enables automatic notification when updates are available when this is set to True.
Version update notification email. This is the email address of the account to be notified when updates are available. The default is to send the notification to the admin’s account.
Version update source email. This is the email address of the account that sends the email notification. The default is the admin’s account.
Note: The software update information can be viewed from the Administration Console Tools Overview pane.
License filename is unset. The license file must be saved to a director on the server. You enter the file name and location here and the license is installed as part of the ZCS installation. If you do not have the license, you cannot proceed.
Zimbra mailbox server
Postfix is the open source mail transfer agent (MTA) that receives email via SMTP and routes each message to the appropriate Zimbra mailbox server using Local Mail Transfer Protocol (LMTP). The Zimbra MTA also includes the anti-virus and anti-spam components.
Zimbra mailbox server
Installing the Zimbra-SNMP package is optional. If you choose to install Zimbra-SNMP for monitoring, the package should be run on every server (Zimbra server, Zimbra LDAP, Zimbra MTA) that is part of the Zimbra configuration. Zimbra uses swatch to watch the syslog output to generate SNMP traps.
Zimbra mailbox server
The Logger package is installed on the one mail server. If installed, it is automatically enabled. Logs from all the hosts are sent to the mailbox server where the logger package is installed. This data is used to generate the statistics graphs and reporting.
Zimbra mailbox server
If installed, it is automatically enabled. When composing messages in the Zimbra Web Client, spell check can be run.
Zimbra mailbox server
Zimbra mailbox server
The default is to install one zimbra-convertd on each zimbra-store server.  But only one zimbra-convertd needs to be present in a deployment depending on size of ZCS environment.
Zimbra mailbox server
Enable VMware HA
VMware HA Clustering Heartbeat is only available when running within a virtual machine running vmware-tools.
Zimbra mailbox server
Default Class of Service Configuration
This menu lists major new features for the ZCS release and whether feature are enabled or not. When you change the feature setting during ZCS installation, you change the default COS settings.
Zimbra mailbox server
Enable default backup schedule
Default is Yes. Sets the schedule for Backup session to run as a full backup every Sunday at 1 a.m. and as incremental on the other days at 1 a.m.
Zimbra mailbox server
Start servers after configuration
Zimbra mailbox server
Zimbra mailbox server
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