ZCS Multi-Server Installation Guide 8.0
ZCS Multi-Server Installation Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Multiple-Server Installation > Provisioning Accounts

Provisioning Accounts
You can configure one account at a time with the New Account Wizard or you can create many accounts at once using the Account Migration Wizard.
Configuring One Account
The administration console New Account Wizard steps you through the account information to be completed.
Four accounts are listed: admin account, two spam training accounts, and a global Documents account. These accounts do not need any additional configuration.
Click New. The first page of the New Account Wizard opens.
Enter the account name to be used as the email address and the last name. This the only required information to create an account.
You can click Finish at this point, and the account is configured with the default COS and global features.
To configure aliases, forwarding addresses, and specific features for this account, proceed through the dialog before you click Finish.
When the accounts are provisioned, these accounts can immediately start to send and receive emails.
Configuring Many Accounts at Once
You can provision multiple accounts at once using the Account Migration tool from the administration console. The wizard guides you through the steps to import accounts from an external directory server, either Active Directory or an LDAP server. The wizard downloads account information from your directory and creates the accounts in ZCS.
Refer to the administration guide to learn more about provisioning accounts.
Import the Content of Users’ Mailboxes
Zimbra’s migration and import tools can be used to move users’ email messages, calendars, and contacts from their old email servers to their accounts on the Zimbra server. When the user’s files are imported, the folder hierarchy is maintained. These tools can be accessed from the administration console Download page and instruction guides are available from the Administration Console Help Desk.
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