ZCS Multi-Server Installation Guide 8.0
ZCS Multi-Server Installation Guide 8.0
Network Edition

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Configuration Examples
ZCS can be easily scaled for any size of email environment, from very small businesses with fewer than 25 email accounts to large businesses with thousands of email accounts. The following table shows examples of different configuration options.
All ZCS components installed on one server.
See the Zimbra Single Sever Installation for quick start installation instructions.
Zimbra LDAP and Zimbra message store on one server.
Zimbra MTA on a separate server.
Possibly include additional Zimbra MTA servers.
Zimbra LDAP on one server.
Multiple Zimbra mailbox servers
Multiple Zimbra MTA servers.
One or more Zimbra Proxy servers.
Zimbra Master LDAP server.
Multiple Zimbra mailbox servers.
Multiple Zimbra MTA servers.
Multiple Zimbra Proxy servers.
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