ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Appendix A Command-Line Utilities > zmsoap

Prints mail, account, and admin information in the SOAP format.
zmsoap [options] <path1 [<path2>...]
Short Name
<name> Displays mailbox account name. Mail and account requests are sent to this account.
This attribute is also used for authentication if -a and -z are not specified
<name>Displays the target account name to which the requests are sent. Used only for non-admin sessions
Displays the Zimbra admin name and password to authenticate as
<path> Displays the root element path. If specified, all path arguments that do not start with a slash (/) are relative to this element
<type> Displays the SOAP request type. Can either be mail, account, or admin
<http[s]://...> Displays the server hostname and optional port value
<[path...]> Displays the element or attribute path and value. Roughly follows the XPath syntax as:
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