ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Appendix A Command-Line Utilities > zmproxyconfig

This command is used to manage Zimbra proxy and should only be used when you have to make changes to Zimbra proxy after it has been installed. See Chapter 6, Working with Zimbra Proxy.
./zmproxyconfig [-h] [-o] [-m] [-w] [-d [-r] [-s] [-a w1:w2:w3:w4] [-i p1:p2:p3:p4] [-p p1:p2:p3:p4] [-x mailmode]] [-e [-a w1:w2:w3:w4] [-i p1:p2:p3:p4] [-p p1:p2:p3:p4] [-x mailmode]] [-f] -H hostname
Short Name
Colon separated list of Web ports to use. Format: HTTP-STORE:HTTP-PROXY:HTTPS-STORE:HTTPS-PROXY (Ex: 8080:80:8443:443)
Colon separated list of IMAP ports to use. Format: IMAP-STORE:IMAP-PROXY:IMAPS-STORE:IMAPS-PROXY (Ex: 7143:143:7993:993)
Colon separated list of POP ports to use. Format: POP-STORE:POP-PROXY:POPS-STORE:POPS-PROXY (Ex: 7110:110:7995:995)
Run against a remote host. Note that this requires the server to be properly configured in the LDAP master
Disable reverse proxy lookup target for the store server. Only valid with -d. Make sure that you intend for all proxy functions for the server to be disabled.
hostname is the value of the zimbra_server_hostname LC key for the server being modified.
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