ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Appendix A Command-Line Utilities > zmmboxmove

Beginning with ZCS 7.1.3, the CLI command zmmboxmove is used to move mailboxes. The destination server manages the overall move process. Using the zmmboxmove command significantly reduces the account lockout time.
The CLI command zmmboxmove is used to move mailboxes from one Zimbra server to another. Mailboxes can be moved between Zimbra servers that share the same LDAP server. All the files are copied to the new server and the LDAP is updated. After the mailbox is moved to a new server a copy still remains on the older server, but the status of the old mailbox is closed. Users cannot log on and mail is not delivered. You should check to see that all the mailbox content was moved successfully before purging the old mailbox.
zmmboxmove -a <email> --from <src> --to <dest> [--sync]
Short Name
<arg> Email address of account to move
<arg> Mail server hostname. Server where the --account mailbox is located
<arg> Destination server
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