ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
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Changing ZWC Theme Colors and Logo > Using Command Line Interface

Using Command Line Interface
Changing the ZWC theme base colors and logos is performed from the command line using the zmprov command.
Change Theme Colors
The color code is entered as a six-digit hexadecimal code.
The following attributes are configured either as a global config setting or as a domain setting:
zimbraSkinBackgroundColor. Enter the hex color number for the primary background color displayed in the client.
zimbraSkinSecondaryColor. Enter the hex color number for the toolbar and selected tabs.
zimbraSkinSelectionColor. Enter the hex color number for the color of the selected item.
zimbraSkinForegroundColor. Enter the hex color number for the text. This usually does not need to be changed as the default is black.
How to change base colors for themes
Before you begin, identify the six-digit hexadecimal base color values for the various elements you are changing. The commands are entered as:
For Global:
zmprov modifyConfig <attribute-name> [“#HEX_6digit_colorcode”]
For Domain:
zmprov modifyDomain <domain> <attribute-name> [“#HEX_6digit_colorcode”]
To modify a domain
In this example, the following base colors are being changed:
zmprov modifyDomain domainexample.com zimbraSkinBackgroundColor “#FF7F50” zimbraSkinSecondaryColor “#ADEAEA” zimbraSkinSelectionColor “#FFFF00”
The quote marks, “”, are required so the use of the # sign does not comment out the text that follows.
ZCS themes for that domain now display these colors.
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