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ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
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Using Autodiscover
ZCS supports the autodiscover feature by which an ActiveSync supported mobile client can determine the URL of a particular ZCS mobilesync endpoint using only a mailbox SMTP address and user credential. Auto discover returns the required system settings after users enter their email address and password.
During the autodiscovery process, the mobile client uses the mailbox SMTP address to determine the autodiscover service endpoint URL and sends a request to the autodiscover service that includes the mailbox SMTP address. A successful call to the autodiscover service results in a response that contains the ZCS mobilesync endpoint URL that the client uses to access the mailbox. This simplifies the initial client configuration for the end user and gives the client a mechanism by which to recover from errors and respond to changes in the ZCS environment automatically.
Autodiscover is enabled by default. For autodiscover to work, you must configure a valid SSL certificate from a certification authority.
The recommended type of certificate to use is a Unified Communications Certificate (UC). A UC certificate lets you enter multiple DNS hostnames in the Subject Alternative Name field. You must configure the Subject Alternative Name field with all valid domain names that host on your ZCS environment.
Use the Install Certificates wizard on the administration console to generate the certificate signing request and to install the signed certificate when received. Unified Communications certificates can be issued by many certification authority.
In addition to a valid SSL certificate, you must also have a valid domain name (DNS SRV record) for _autodiscover_.tcp.<domain.com> (port:443) pointing to the DNS A record of your ZCS mailstore (or proxy server, if used) so that the client devices can locate and connect to the autodiscover service.
Make sure that the web serve mode is HTTPS as autodiscover and other communications between ZCS and mobile devices is over SSL.
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