ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
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Standard Backup
The standard backup method runs a weekly full backup and daily incremental backups. A full backup process backs up all the information needed to restore mailboxes, including the LDAP directory server, database, index directory, and message directory for each mailbox.
When backing up shared messages, if a file representing a message already exists in the backup, it flags this object as such and does not copy its content again.
An incremental backup process backs up the LDAP data and gathers all the redo logs written since the last incremental backup. If the incremental backup process finds no previous full backup for a mailbox, a full backup is performed on that mailbox.
Incremental backups move the redo logs to the backup directory. The redo logs are a journal of every activity that has taken place. They contain a full copy of all messages delivered, as well as metadata such as tags, contacts, and conversations.
These backup files can be used to restore the complete mailbox server or individual mailboxes so that account and message data is completely restored.
The LDAP directory is backed up as part of either the full or incremental backup process. All accounts, domains, servers, COS, and other data are backed up.
Each mailbox server generates redo logs that contain every transaction processed by that server. If an unexpected shutdown occurs to the server, the redo logs are used for the following:
To ensure that no uncommitted transactions remain, the server reads the current redo log upon startup and re-executes and completes any uncommitted transactions.
When the server is restored, after the backed up files are fully restored, any redo logs in the archive and the current redo log in use are replayed to bring the system to the point before the failure.
The Zimbra MTA is not backed up, as the data is only on the server for a very short time.
Custom configurations, such as mailboxd’s server.xml, are not backed up.
Backup Notifcation
A backup report is sent to the admin mailbox when full and incremental backups are performed. This report shows the success or failure of the backup and includes information about when the backup started and ended, the number of accounts backed up and redo log sequence range.
If the backup failed, additional error information is included.
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