ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Managing ZCS Configuration > Setting Up Email Attachment Rules

Setting Up Email Attachment Rules
Global email attachment settings allow you to specify global rules for handling attachments to an email message. You can also set rules by COS and for individual accounts. When attachment settings are configured in Global Settings, the global rule takes precedence over COS and Account settings.
The following attachment setting options can be configured from the Global Settings Advanced page. To set by COS or account, go to their Advanced page, Attachment Settings section.
Attachments cannot be viewed regardless of COS
Users cannot view any attachments. This global setting can be set to prevent a virus outbreak from attachments, as no mail attachments can be opened.
Attachments are viewed in HTML regardless of COS
Email attachments can only be viewed in HTML. The COS may have another setting but this global setting overrides the COS setting.
Attachments are viewed according to COS
This global setting states the COS sets the rules for how email attachments are viewed
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