ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Managing ZCS Configuration > Setting Account Limits

Setting Account Limits
You can limit the number of accounts that can be provisioned on a domain. The maximum number of accounts that can be provisioned for the domain can be set when the domain is created. You can also edit the domain configuration to add or change the number.
In the administration console this is set for a domain in the Account Limits page. If this page is not configured, no limits on the domain are set.
Resources, spam, and ham accounts are not counted against this limit.
When multiple Classes of Service (COS) are available, you can select which classes of service can be configured and how many accounts on the domain can be assigned to the COS. This is configured in the domain’s Account Limits page. The number of COS account types used is tracked. The limits for all COSs cannot exceed the number set for the maximum accounts for the domain.
The number of COS assigned to accounts is tracked. You can see the number assigned/number remaining from any account’s General Information page.
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