ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Managing ZCS Configuration > Scheduling HSM Sessions

Scheduling HSM Sessions
Sessions to move messages to the secondary volume are scheduled in your cron table. From the administration console, when you select a server, you can manually start a HSM session, monitor HSM sessions, and abort HSM sessions that are in progress from the Volumes page.
You can manually start an HSM session from the server’s gear icon menu.
When you abort a session and then restart the process, the HSM session looks for entries in the primary store that meet the HSM age criteria. Any entries that were moved in the previous run would be excluded, as they would no longer exist in the primary store.
HSM jobs can be configured to be a specific batch size. The zimbraHsmBatchSize attribute can be configured either as a global setting or per server to specify the maximum number of items to move during a single HSM operation. The default value is 10000. If the limit is exceeded the HSM operation is repeated until all qualifying items are moved.
zmprov mcf zimbraHsmBatchSize <num>
zmprov ms `hostname` zimbraHsmBatchSize <num>
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