ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Backup and Restore > Schedule Auto-Group Backups

Schedule Auto-Group Backups
You must configure the auto-group backup schedule.
Run zmschedulebackup -D to set the default schedule for auto-grouped backups based on your zimbraBackupAutoGroupedInterval setting.
One group is backed up each interval. The auto-grouped backup automatically adjusts for changes in the number of mailboxes on the server. Each backup session backs up the following:
All mailboxes that have not been backed within the number of scheduled backup days. For example, if backups are scheduled to run over six days, mailboxes that have not been backed up in the past 5 days are backed up.
For example, if you configured the auto-grouped backup interval to be daily (1d) and the number of groups to be 7, the first time auto-grouped backup runs, all accounts are backed up. After the initial backup, auto-grouped backup runs again the next day. This time accounts that have been newly provisioned and a percentage of accounts close to one-seventh of the total are backed up again. Accounts with the oldest backup date are backed up first. The backup continues with newly provisioned account and approximately one-seventh of accounts being backed up daily over seven days.
When backing up shared messages, if a file representing a message already exists in the backup, it flags this object as such and does not copy its content again.
Backup files are saved as zip files without compression. To change the default zip option, see Appendix A Command Line Interface, zmbackup section.
These backup files can be used to restore the complete ZCS system or individual mailboxes so that account and message data is completely restored. Archived redo logs are moved to the backup session as part of the full backup. When the server is restored from an auto-grouped backup, redo logs are replayed to bring the system to the point before the failure.
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