ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Legal Requests for Information > Modify the Intercept Cover Email Message

Modify the Intercept Cover Email Message
An email message is automatically created to forward copies of the intercepted messages as attachments. The default message includes :
From address is Postmaster@<address.com>
Subject line “Interecept message for <account@address.com <intercepted message subject>”
Message “Intercept message for <account@address.com>. Operation=<type of message>, folder=<foldername>, folder ID=<#>.
The cover email message can be modified. Use the following parameters to modify the email message.
Operation that the user is performing, “add message”, “send message”, or “save draft”.
To change the From name:
zmprov mc <accountname@example.com> zimbraInterceptFrom <newname@example.com>
zmprov mc <accountname@example.com> zimbraInterceptSubject <Intercepted message subject text> parameter <text> parameter
zmprov mc <accountname@example.com> zimbraInterceptBody <Intercepted message text> parameter <text> parameter
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