ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Provisioning User Accounts > Migrate Accounts using an XML File

Migrate Accounts using an XML File
Create an XML file with the account information and save it to a computer you can access.
In the Type of mail server field, select the type of server your are migrating from.
To provision accounts, select Yes to import the account’s records. If you are not going to import the data at this time, in the Would you like to import mail, select No.
Click Next.
On the Overview dialog, select Import from an XML file. Click Next.
The Review options dialog displays the number of domains; number of accounts and the password options configured in the XML file.
If this information is correct, click Next. If this information is not correct, fix your XML file before proceeding.
If you clicked Next, the accounts are provisioned on the ZCS server.
Download the .csv file that lists the provisioned accounts and their passwords. The .csv file is deleted when you close the wizard. If you do not download the file, you cannot access the report later.
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