ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Provisioning User Accounts > Migrate Accounts from a Zimbra Server

Migrate Accounts from a Zimbra Server
In the Type of mail server field, select Zimbra Collaboration.
To provision accounts, select Yes to import the account’s records. If you are not going to import the data at this time, in the Would you like to import mail, select No.
Click Next.
On the Overview dialog, Import from another Zimbra LDAP directory is selected. Click Next.
On the Bulk provisioning options page, select whether to generate random passwords or to assign the same password for each account.
If you select Generate a random password for each account, set the length for the password. The default is 8 characters. The password can be from 6 to 64 characters.
If you select to generate a random password, you must download the .csv file that is created so that you can give the password information to each user.
If you select Use same password for all new accounts, enter the password to use.
Require users to change password after first login
It is recommended that this is checked to force users to change their passwords when they log on the first time.
Click Next.
On the Directory connection dialog enter the information to connect to the server.
Enable this option to create a domain when an account is imported and the domain they were on is not created.
If you do not enable this, accounts from domains that do not exist on the server are not created. Disabling this option makes it easy to import accounts from specific domains that have been pre-created.
Enter the maximum number of accounts to import at one time. The default is 0, which means that no limits are set.
Server name, LDAP URL, Port, and Use of SSL
The LDAP URL is entered as ldap://<ldapdirectory.example.com>.
In this field enter the LDAP search filter to run. Here you can define search criteria to collect the type of account information you want to import. The default filter in the field is (objectclass-zimbraAccount). This filter includes the email address, the account ID, and attributes for the account.
Click Next.
The Account Migration Wizard connects to the directory server and generates a report showing the number of domains found; number of accounts found on the server and how many of those accounts are already created on ZCS. This dialog also shows the password options you configured.
Review the report generated and then click Next. The accounts are provisioned on the ZCS server.
Download the .csv file that lists the provisioned accounts and their passwords. The .csv file is deleted when you close the wizard. If you do not download the file, you cannot access the report later.
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