ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
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Managing Disk Space for Backups
Backup sessions fail if the target disk does not have enough space. All data backed up in the backup session is discarded and deleted.
You can choose to receive notification when your disk might not have enough space to complete the backup
Configuring the zimbraBackupMinFreeSpace attribute helps you manage running backup session by notifying you
Set the value for attribute zimbraBackupMinFreeSpace to the amount of free space required on the backup target disk before a backup session is run. If the disk has less space than the value set in the attribute, the backup session will not run and an email notification is sent to the administrator.
If you are also backing up the MySQL database, make sure you set the value large enough to include the myslqdump file size.
The value for this attribute can be specified as a percentage of the total disk space, for example 25%, or as number of bytes, for example 300MB, 50GB, etc. The default value is 0, meaning the check is disabled and backup is always allowed to start.
The attribute can be set globally or by server.
As global, type zmprov mcf zimbraBackupMinFreeSpace <value>
By server, type zmprov ms <server hostname> zimbraBackupMinFreeSpace <value>
Backup sessions run if the free disk space is at least the value you set. If your backup file is larger than the value, the backup session fails. You should monitor the size of the backup files and adjust the attribute value if the backup require more space than the configured value.
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