ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Backup and Restore > Install ZCS on a New Server

Install ZCS on a New Server
Before you begin, make sure that the new server is correctly configured with the IP address and hostname and that ZCS is installed and configured with the same domain, hostname, passwords, etc. as the previous server. See the VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server installation guide for more information about preparing the server. Before you begin to install ZCS , note the information you need from the old server including: admin account name and password, LDAP, Amavis, and Postfix passwords, spam training and non-spam training user account names, exact domain name, and the global document account name.
Make sure the computer time is set to the same time as the old server. Verify that the old hostname and MX DNS records resolve to the new server.
Copy the ZCS License.xml file to a directory on the new server. You cannot complete the ZCS installation if the license is not on the new server.
Run ./install.sh and follow the directions in the installation guide to install ZCS . Make sure that you configure the same domain, hostname, passwords as on the old server. During ZCS install, the following settings must be changed to match the original server settings:
Zimbra LDAP Server. For Domain to create, identify the same default domain as on the old server.
Zimbra Mailbox Server. An administrator’s account is automatically created.
Make sure that the account name for Admin user to create is the same name as on the original server.
Change the Spam training user and the Non-spam (HAM) training user account names to be the same as the spam account names on the old server.
Global Document Account – This account name is automatically generated and is usually named wiki. If you changed this, change the Global Document Account name to be the same account name as on the original server.
In the main menu, set the default backup schedule and the automatic starting of servers after the configuration is complete to NO.
Restoring a Backup to a New Server
zmcontrol stop
Delete the mysql data and reinitialize an empty data directory. If you do not do this, zmrestoreoffline will have errors. As zimbra, type
rm -rf /opt/zimbra/db/data/*
The mySQL service is now running.
zmrestoreldap -lb <latest_label>
If you are restoring a large number of accounts, you might run a command such as the UNIX command, nohup, so that the session does not terminate before the restore is complete.
Because some ZCS services are running at this point, type zmconvertctl start. This is required before running zmrestoreoffline.
zmlocalconfig -f -e zimbra_ldap_password=<password>.
zmrestoreoffline -sys -a all -c -br.
You might run a command such as nohup here also. To watch the progress, tail /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log.
Use –c on the command line so that accounts are restored, even if some accounts encounter errors during the offline restore process.
rm -rf /opt/zimbra/redolog/* /opt/zimbra/backup/*
zmcontrol start.
zmbackup -f -a all.
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