ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Backup and Restore > Incremental Backup Process

Incremental Backup Process
Incremental backups are run using the CLI command, zmbackup. The process for incremental backup is as follows:
Archived logs that are less than an hour old at the time of incremental backup are copied to the backup and are not deleted. These redologs are deleted one hour after the backup. The interval is set by the localconfig key backup_archived_redolog_keep_time. The default is 3600 seconds.
If no full backup for this account is found, the backup process performs a full backup on this account, even if only an incremental backup was specified.
Perform Manual Backups
zmbackup -f -s server1.domain.com -a all
zmbackup -i -s server1.domain.com -a all
Manually backup full backup of only user1’s mailbox on server1
zmbackup -f -s server1.domain.com -a user1@domain.com
Delete Backup Sessions
Delete backup sessions either by label or by date. Deleting by label deletes that session and all backup sessions before that session. Deleting by date deletes all backup session prior to the specified date.
For example, zmbackup -del 7d deletes backups older than 7 days from now. You can specify day (d), month (m), or year (y).
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