ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Provisioning User Accounts > Importing Email for Selected Accounts

Importing Email for Selected Accounts
You can specify the list of accounts whose mail you want to import by either selecting the accounts to import data or by using an XML file to select the accounts. The accounts must be provisioned on the ZCS server.
In the Type of mail server field, select the type of server your are importing the data from.
In the Would you like to import account records menu, select No.
In the Would you like to import mail menu, select Yes.
Click Next.
On the Import options dialog box, select which way you are going to specify the accounts whose mail is being imported. Click Next.
If you are selecting accounts, go to step 7. If you are using an XML file go to step 8.
If you are selecting the accounts to import, on the Selected Accounts dialog box, search for the accounts to add. You can search by domain or user name. If you click Search without entering text, all accounts are returned.
Add the accounts to the Accounts for data import column.
Click Next.
In the IMAP Connection details dialog box, enter the information necessary to connect to the exporting server's IMAP, this includes the IMAP host name, port and administrator login information. Click Next.
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