ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Managing ZCS Configuration > Implementing Hierarchical Storage Management

Implementing Hierarchical Storage Management
Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) allows you to configure storage
volumes for older messages. HSM is a process of moving older data from the primary volume to the current secondary volume based on the age of the data.
To manage your disk utilization, implement a global HSM policy or a HSM policy for each mailbox server. The policy configured on individual servers overrides the policy configured as the global policy.
Email messages and the other items in the account are moved from the primary volume to the current secondary volume based on the HSM policy. Users are not aware of any change and do not see any noticeable differences when opening older items that have been moved.
The default global HSM policy moves messages and document files more than 30 days old to the secondary volume. You can also select to move tasks, appointments, and contacts. The schedule for moving can be set for items older than a specified number of days, months, weeks, hours, minutes.
In addition to selecting different items to move, you can use the search query language to set up other HSM policies. For example:
If you wanted all messages marked as spam to be included in messages moved to the current secondary volume, you would add the following to the policy: message:in:junk before:-[x] days.
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