ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Delegated Administration > Administrator Groups and Administrators

Administrator Groups and Administrators
Administrator and group administrator accounts are created in the administration console.
Use the administration wizard to
Admin Groups are distribution lists (DL) that have Admin Group enabled, which flags it as a delegated administrator DL. After the admin group administrator is created and configured with rights and admin views, you add administrator user accounts to the admin group.
Admin Account is a user account that has Administrator enabled on the account.
Configure the admin views for the account. You select the views from the Directly Assigned Admin views list. A directly assigned admin view is the view set on the admin account. An inherited admin view is the view set on the admin group the account belongs to.
Configure the Grants. The Grants dialog displays a list the grants required to display the items you selected in the Directly Assigned Views column. You can accept these rights and add additional rights, skip this page to not configure these rights, or click Finish to accept these rights and quit the wizard.
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