ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Changing ZWC Theme Colors and Logo > Add Your Logos

Add Your Logos
You add the company logo information and URL by modifying these attributes:
zimbraSkinLogoURL. Enter the company Web address that you want linked from the logo.
zimbraSkinLogoLoginBanner. Enter the company logo file name that is displayed on the login and splash screens for the ZWC and the ZCS administration console.
zimbraSkinLogoAppBanner. Enter the logo graphic file name for the graphic in the upper-left of the ZWC application and the administration console.
To add logos for a domain
zmprov modifyDomain domainexample.com zimbraSkinLogoURL http://example.com
zmprov modifyDomain domainexample.com zimbraSkinLogoLoginBanner http://imageserverexample.com/directory/logo_banner_name.png
zmprov modifyDomain domainexample.com zimbraSkinLogoAppBanner http://imageserverexample.com/directory/banner_app_logo.png
zmmailboxdctl reload
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