Working Offline

Email messages that are downloaded from your accounts are always accessible in Zimbra Desktop, even when you are not connected to the Internet. Working in Zimbra Desktop when not connected to the Internet is called "working offline".

When you work offline, Zimbra Desktop cannot access your email accounts, but you can work in Zimbra Desktop as if you were connected to the Internet. You can review your messages, create new messages, clean up folders and make other changes that are synchronized back to your account when you access the Internet the next time.

You can tell if you are working offline if a red square is next to your account name


Note: You may be offline before the icon turns red as the network’s status updates when Zimbra Desktop attempts to sync to the server. If the attempt fails, the icon turns red.


You can force all accounts to go offline by clicking the small icon next to Accounts on the Overview pane.

Click the icon again to go back online.  

What can you do while working offline?