Backing up your accounts

You can backup your Zimbra Desktop  accounts from the Preferences>Backups page in the All Accounts section. The default is to backup only the Local Folders, as Local Folders contain items that are not backed up on other email servers.  

To backup your accounts
  1. Go to the Preferences>Backups page.

  2. In the Configure Backups section, select the accounts to backup. Remember that items in your Local Folders and POP account folders are saved to your computer. These accounts are good choices to backup. You can backup all your accounts that you have created in Zimbra Desktop but be aware that the files may be quite large. To find out approximately how much disk space you need, hover over the account name; the mailbox size is displayed.

  3. If you want to schedule the backup select when you want backups to run, Every day, Every Week, Every Month.

  4. In the Location field, type the path to the directory where the backup should be saved. For example, to save to your ZD_backups folder on external drive E, type E:\ZD_backups.

  5. In the Retention field, select the number of backups you want to save. The default is to save only 1 backup file. You can select to save up to 5 backups before the oldest backup is overwritten.

If you scheduled your backup to run automatically, the backup is run according to your schedule. Zimbra Desktop must be open for backups to run. If a backup session was scheduled for a time when you were not logged in to Zimbra Desktop, the next time you log on, the backup starts.

If you want to backup up your accounts immediately or if your schedule is set to Never, click Backup Accounts Now to run a backup session. Depending on the size of the accounts being backed up this may take a while.  Do not close Zimbra Desktop  while the backup is running. You can continue to work in Zimbra Desktop.

Note: Selecting to backup your accounts now does not reset your next scheduled backup time.

To restore your account, see Restoring Accounts from Your Backup Files.