Automatically add your signature

You can create different signatures and assign them to a specific address you have created. See Mail Identities.

If you use HTML to format your signature, you can link your company name to the web site and you can add images, such as a logo, to your signature.

Example of a signature

John Smith
Vice President of Engineering
Widgets Division
Acme Corporation, Inc.  
303-555-1212 x111


To create a signature:
  1. Open Preferences and select Signatures.

  2. Click Add Signature and type the name for this signature in the Signature Name field.

  3. Click Format As HTML to customize your signature if you want to create a signature style.

  4. In the Signature text box, type the signature information exactly as you want it to appear in your messages. If you use HTML, you can select from fonts, size, and color for text and add links and images to your signature. Images can either be downloaded or you can link to an image URL. 

  5. In the Using Signatures section, select where the signature should be placed in your messages. Select Above included messages to add your signature at the end of the your composed, replied to, or forwarded text. Select Below included messages to add the signature at the end of the message.

  6. Click Save.

  7. To apply this signature to your account name, go to the Personas folder, select the account persona name and in the Signature field, select the signature name from the drop down.