Attaching files to your message

When you compose an email message, you can attach files from your computer, from Briefcase files, contacts in your address books, and email messages .

Note: Recipients of your mail message must have the appropriate software to open and read the file. For files created in commonly used packages such as Microsoft Office, other users on a typical desktop system will be able to open them. Common file formats such as text files, HTML files, and images such as .GIF or .JPG files can be opened in a variety of programs. However, it depends on what type of system the user is on.

To add attachments using the Add Attachment link:

  1. Compose the message as described in Composing a new mail message.

  2. Click  . The Attach File(s) dialog displays tabs for My Computer, Briefcase, Mail, and Contacts. Select the tab for the attachment type.

Note: Use Ctrl-click or Shift-click to add multiple attachments at once. Multiple attachments are added to one line in the Attach files dialog.

  1. When all the attachments in that tab have been added, click Attach.

  2. Click Send to send the message and the attachments.

To add attachments from your computer with drag and drop

  1. Select one or more files and hold down the cursor on the file(s) to be attached.

  2. Drag the file(s) to the message header area and release the cursor. The file names are displayed in the header.




Removing an Attachment

To remove an attachment, uncheck the box next to the attachment before you send the email message.