Composing a new mail message

To compose a new mail message:

  1. Click from the toolbar.

  2. In To: enter the user's address or click the To: link to search for an address from you address books or the company directory (Global Address List).

 If you add a distribution list, you can click Expand to see who is on the distribution list. You can select individual addresses or you can send to all members of the distribution list.

  1. If you want a return read receipt, click Options and select Request Read Receipt..

  2. Complete subject line.

  3. Compose the message.

  1. To add an attachment, click and browse to the file or drag and drop the file from your computer to the email header.

  2. Add your signature. If you have different accounts set up, in the From drop down, select the email address to use for this email. If you have a signatures style defined for the account, click Signature on the Compose toolbar to add that signature.

  3. Click Send to send the message.

If you don't want to send the message immediately, instead of clicking Send, click the arrow next to Send and select Send Later. In the Specify Message Send Time dialog enter the date and time to send the message. The message is saved in the Draft folder and is automatically sent on that date and time.