Zimbra Collaboration Suite

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Zimbra Collaboration Suite is the email and collaboration platform for next-generation IT

Zimbra combines email, calendaring, document management, mobility and desktop sync all with simplified administration for private and public cloud deployments.

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Zimbra provides one platform to unify organizations

Collaboration tools are cornerstones of organizations, yet barriers such as cost or lack of cross platform support prevent deployment across the entire organization. Zimbra has rapidly grown to over 55 million paid mailboxes because it offers cost-effective open source technology, compatibility with all desktops and mobile devices, and an advanced cross-platform AJAX web interface.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Zimbra’s email and collaboration server integrates enterprise-class features that provide maximum convenience and flexibility to administrators. Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus, real-time back up and restore, class-of-service (CoS), hierarchical storage management (HSM), MS Exchange interoperability, and role-based delegated administration are just a few.

Together VMware and Zimbra streamline datacenters

VMware and Zimbra’s complimentary technologies are reshaping the way IT departments deploy and manage software. Zimbra’s modern, web-scalable architecture is designed with virtualization in mind and combined with VMware enables administrators to spend less time managing applications on less hardware.

“Zimbra furthers our mission of simplifying IT and adds to the portfolio of offerings we provide our VMware vCloud™ partners.”

Steve Herrod, CTO, VMware

Stay tuned for more innovations from VMware and Zimbra, including a new Virtual Appliance and much more. Learn more about the VMware and Zimbra vision on Steve’s blog.

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a division of vmware