Support Life Cycle Documentation

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Zimbra Support Life Cycle Policies specify software support timelines to assist customers with long-term change-management decisions and release strategies.

Zimbra will offer phased support from the general availability of a new Major Release. Please keep current with product updates to ensure no interruptions in your support services. (Visit the Downloads page for all product updates.)

  • General Support will be provided for three years from general availability of a Major Release. Support includes bug and security fixes and technical support services.
  • Technical Guidance will be provided for an additional one year following General Support. Primary assistance is available through the self help pages. Customers can also open a support request online to receive operational/configuration support and recommended workarounds for low-severity issues on supported configurations only. (Telephone support is not provided.) There will be no new security patches or bug fixes. The phase is intended for usage by customers operating in stable environments with systems that are operating under reasonably stable loads.
General Support Technical Guidance
Security Fixes Check
Critical Bug Fixes Check
Non-Critical Bug Fixes * Check *
Technical Support Check Check
Support Portal + Self-Help (Forums, Bugzilla, Wiki) Check Check

* Based on Zimbra's' discretion and customer input within the first two years of General Support.